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Lord Apache thumbnail
Lord Apache eAudiobook
Robert J. Steelman / Jeff Harding

Jack Drumm is an Englishman stranded in the Arizona desert armed only with his valet commode and sen..

Reach For Your Guns thumbnail
Reach For Your Guns eAudiobook
Curtis Bishop / Jeff Harding

The crash of twin shots faded away in the quiet air. Cameron stood tall and hulking above the crumpl..

Rider of Death Valley thumbnail
Rider of Death Valley eAudiobook
Dane Coolidge / Jeff Harding

Golden ghost horses and the lost mine of Breyfogle are on the minds of Val Bodie and Johnny Lightfoo..

Death Rides the Denver Stage thumbnail
Death Rides the Denver Stage eAudiobook
Lewis B. Patten / Jeff Harding

Against the backdrop of civil strife and treachery men and women alike are caught up in the desperat..

Black Thunder thumbnail
Black Thunder eAudiobook
Max Brand / Jeff Harding

Three short stories featuring one man seeking justice a dangerous trip in a river boat down some imp..

Long Journey to Deep Cañon thumbnail
Long Journey to Deep Cañon eAudiobook
T.T. Flynn / Jeff Harding

In the title story of this Western quartet a man must fight tough odds to find out who paid a convic..

Border Wolves thumbnail
Border Wolves eAudiobook
Walt Coburn / Jeff Harding

Three Western stories. The son of a lynched man wants vengeance. A cowboy is ambushed the day he arr..

Death of a Cattle King thumbnail
Death of a Cattle King eAudiobook
Wayne D. Overholser / Jeff Harding

Life is difficult enough for Sam Holt with the neighbouring ranches warring over turf authority and ..

Arizona Showdown thumbnail
Arizona Showdown eAudiobook
Les Savage Jr / Jeff Harding

Murder kidnap and dishonest ranchers all play their part in this Western quartet...

Dodging Red Cloud thumbnail
Dodging Red Cloud eAudiobook
Richard S. Wheeler / Jeff Harding

Three disparate travellers thrown together brave the Bozeman Trail but must do their utmost to avoid..

Hashknife of Stormy River thumbnail
Hashknife of Stormy River eAudiobook
W. C. Tuttle / Jeff Harding

When Buck Denning is found murdered suspicions point to “Tex” Blanco who he had argued with over..

Captives of the Desert thumbnail
Captives of the Desert eAudiobook
Zane Grey / Jeff Harding

John Curry is riding to save the life of an Indian child when he's thrown from his horse and into th..

Blazing Border thumbnail
Blazing Border eAudiobook
E. E. Halleran / Jeff Harding

To Fred Starke battle and death were a daily business what surprise then that the task of outwitting..

Feud on the Mesa thumbnail
Feud on the Mesa eAudiobook
Lauran Paine / Jeff Harding

In the title story of this trio two saddle mates decide to help a lone female trying to protect her ..